They Will Forgive You…

I escaped life for a blissful 4-day getaway and found that when I had so much other stuff to focus on, the Narcissist was the last thing on my mind – and that was the absolute best feeling. I had a realization over this weekend as I spent time reconnecting with an old friend, that part […]

The Narcissist Never Loved Me

Narcissists. The granddaddy of all crazy-makers. Narcissists cannot empathize with anyone, meaning they cannot relate to your feelings. They only feel their own wants and needs. They are emotionally stunted, like a perpetually demanding two-year-old. It is always about them. However, they can be extremely charming and charismatic, as they have learned how to be the greatest […]

Recent Events: The Car Crash

Nothing says “I am a Narcissist” quite like a fully modified Jeep Wrangler complete with the word “ATTITUDE” straight across the hood. The Narcissist was always obsessed with his image, and this included everything from his clothes, his hair, his weight, his wife, his dog, and very specifically the vehicle he drives. Absolutely everything could be seen […]

Recent Events: Southern Rose

It’s been 2 months since I moved out of the house. The paperwork has been filed (at immediate request of the narcissist because he can’t feel like he is stuck and not moving forward) but the court date has not been finalized yet. Technically I am still married to the narcissist… married for 7 years […]