Your Daily Dose of Crazy, Compliments of the Narcissist!

Oh Boy. If you ever wanted an up close and personal view of what that special kind of crazy that only a Narcissist can deliver looks like… it is your lucky day.

I got these amazing text messages from the Narcissist tonight….  sounds like someone is upset. (and don’t worry, I didn’t reply to any of it)

THE NARCISSIST: I really think it’s in your best interest to stop writing untrue and negative things about me. I have read a few but I don’t have time to waste on your anger. You should really put that effort into journaling about your future and healing your anger. Not talking bad about someone you let go of and is no longer a part of your life.
THE NARCISSIST: I didn’t take all the screen shots of all the hateful things you said to me or those I care about (on various social media platforms) to your employer because that wouldn’t serve me or your situation.
THE NARCISSIST: So please stop writing about me its getting obsessive.
THE NARCISSIST: I really don’t care if you think you know what happened in my life or not. The fact of the matter is you never will know where I really was and who I was really with. You don’t have a right to know anything about me or my life anymore. You gave up that right when you gave up our marriage. And gave up any possibility for friendship when you attempted to hurt me and innocent people who I care about or love. And you continue to do so with your obsessiveness over me on your victimizing blog. I was shocked that you would even do what you did to try to hurt me and others. You really need help. And you need to stop obsessing over me and forget about me.
THE NARCISSIST: I am walking away from all contact with you. The last contact you will receive from me is when I am ready to drop off the things you have asked for. Other than that. You will never hear from me ever again….And stop looking at my instagram.
THE NARCISSIST: OR I’ll block you.
THE NARCISSIST: I’ll pray for you.

Oh there is so much to say here… but I will only comment on the “I’ll pray for you” part of this. I am really so thankful that the Narcissist is spending his time praying for me. I mean the idea of burning in hell for eternity was really starting to weigh on me. I am sure that God himself wants to send me directly there for all of the atrocities I have committed. I mean I spent 3 years withstanding the Narcissist’s physical, mental and emotional abuse, all while being a freaking trophy wife, running marathons, managing our life, encouraging him to heal and work on his PTSD, accompanying him to sessions with the Chaplin and the psychologist all while never letting on to the fact that he was abusive and outright mean…. you know all the things that terrible people do.

Then I spent the next 5 years advancing my education, advancing my career, being the primary breadwinner, helping the Narcissist complete school, find a job, assimilate with life out of the military. I also read numerous self help books, and sought therapy to fix all the terrible things wrong with me… and then…

I literally stayed in this painful marriage until he asked me to move out. My “negative energy and anger” was so unhealthy for him, he couldn’t live in the same house as me anymore if I “wasn’t going to choose love.” And you know, then, after moving out of our home… like a true evil-demon-baby, I paid our taxes with my bonus, babysat the dog whenever he travelled, let him keep the dog, the beehive, the gym equipment, the crystal collection and nearly everything else in the house except for some furniture. And you know there was that one crazy time where I dropped everything to come get him at the scene of his car accident.

I definitely need those prayers Narcissist… so keep sending them up for me. Who knows where I would end up without you.

20 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Crazy, Compliments of the Narcissist!

      1. Like I said. They attend a convention and all have handbooks. It amazes me they all uses the same tricks and techniques.

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    1. I know, I had never planned on him finding out about the blog… but I couldn’t let his new girl not know what she was getting herself into, and of course now he knows. Oh well, I’ve decided that the pro’s of getting it off my chest and healing outweigh feeding his ego through my blog.


  1. He is such a douche nozzle.

    You will never hear from me ever again….And stop looking at my instagram.
    THE NARCISSIST: OR I’ll block you.

    I laughed. “Or I’ll block you”.. hahahaha!! What a wanker..

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  2. OMG! Mine said “I pray for you daily”. Keep your prayers, asshole. It is incredible the way they all seem to read from the same handbook!

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  3. YOU gave up on your marriage??? I picked up on that assinine comment of his right away!!! What kind of horseshit is this douche trying to feed you and THEN go on to admit he was with someone else. Clearly, he isn’t so bright.

    Hey buddy YOU gave up on your marriage when you started sneaking around and sleeping with someone that WASN’T your WIFE. Grow up MANCHILD, and umm start praying for YOURSELF, because I hear the karma bus bell a ringin’!!!

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  4. And just to prove that this shit isn’t gender-specific, I note the things that my soon-to-be-xwife have said VERBATIM to me:

    – “The fact of the matter is you never will know where I really was and who I was really with.”
    – “You don’t have a right to know anything about me or my life anymore.”
    – “You really need help. And you need to stop obsessing over me and forget about me.”
    – “You should really put that effort into . . . your future and healing your anger.”

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  5. Yes uxworld, ‘please take your righteous indignation of me being a backstabbing, philandering, manipulative HO and fix yourself, because clearly YOU are the problem’. Again, what kind of horse shit is this???

    They need to send these people to a special place to live together.

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  6. I love the first message. How could you divorce someone who so clearly looks out for your best interests? This blogging is obviously not good for you and wouldn’t it be better to simply journal all those angry thoughts? You know, privately and all so no one gets to learn what an abusive, obsessive, controlling douche he is. That’s bad for his image but thankfully he’s there to set you on the right path.

    I also like how he lets you know he doesn’t have time to read all of your angry outbursts. Have you been sending him links and harassing him into reading your blog? Here, let me help him: Dude! She doesn’t care if you read it or not. This isn’t for you. It’s for her. Read. Don’t read. She’ll write as long as she wants. You don’t get to control her anymore.

    I’m also amazed at his veiled threats- it won’t serve him to show your blog to your employer. Oh brother! Like your employer would even care! I love the repeated reminders that you are obsessed with him, need to stop looking at him, and this is all.your.fault! You big meanie! He reminds me of the kid that keeps telling someone, “I’m ignoring you! Can you see me ignoring you?” And of course he has the obligatory, “You’re not the boss of me and you’ll never really know all the shitty things I did!”

    My picker is probably still broken but I think I’m getting better because I could see through all of this BS like a champ.

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  7. Oh my gosh!!! I feel like I just read something from my ex! “In your best interest.” The way he is flipping something that he’s supposedly not doing makes you wonder if he tried or has plans to do so. Mine would. Praying! I’m reading through a bunch of my messages as I prepare for court and that was something I stumbled on. He had spent all day telling me how terrible and abusive I was and ended it with letting me know he was praying for me. My only response for that day was “thank you. I appreciate your prayers.” I titled my journal for that day “my husband, the religious man.”

    How are they all so alike?!?

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