My Narcissist stole my Anger


13 thoughts on “My Narcissist stole my Anger

    1. I can’t tell you how many books/blogs/etc. I have read over the course of my marriage about how to get rid of anger. He had me convinced that I had an anger problem, and any time I showed even the slightest bit of emotion, I was told that I was out of control!


  1. ‘He believes your voice shouldn’t rise’ I have felt it way too many times before. I have been labeled as the emotional abuser. I refuse to label him but the red flags are too many. I am in the middle of the storm still trying 😢 I am sorry for what you have endured HUGS, m

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      1. So many times I have thought, I am not allowed to express my emotions! I wear my emotions on my sleeve, I am passionate yet he wants to tune it all down. Anger is the one most discrimized, WHY?

        He pretends we should all communicate in such a controlled manner, I just can’t! But hey, he doesn’t expect perfection!!!

        I haven’t been able to blow up about this before, thank you!

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      2. Its an interesting dynamic when even your ability to express emotions is controlled. The more he tried to keep me from expressing my anger / frustration / hurt / pain… the more angry it made me. If you asked my ex about me today he would probably tell you he lived with Godzilla when in reality if I raised my voice a decibel I was blamed for being “out of control with anger” or “not choosing love.”


  2. It wasn’t until i saw the pictures he posted online of himself,that i knew i wasn’t crazy or the drama queen he labled me as. It was all him; it really was all about him. i cherish looking him in the eye, telling precisely that it was all about him and no matter how superior he saw himself as, he was the one who posted those pictures and who unlocked my sanity, allowing me to set myself free. Life has gone on, gotten better. And I don’t need or want him as my friend, no matter how immature that makes me. My friends don’t lie, tell me i’m stupid or crazy when one plus one equals 15. Tough being called out for the lies you told and can’t remember. Deflection and intimidation only work for so long. Now you get to be responsible for you and cannot And I gift you my anger, I don’t want it anymore, i’ve shed the real problem.

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