The Military Loves Narcissists

So I have a theory here… one that I cannot find a whole lot of existing research on. I’ve been brewing on this theory for some time and plan to start digging into it more thoroughly. The theory is that the Military loves Narcissists… and the Military makes Narcissists even worse. I can remember chatting […]

EMDR Therapy & Brainspotting

I just returned from my usual weekly lunch-time therapy session, and thought it might be beneficial to talk about the type of therapy I am doing and what my experience has been thus far. I have been doing EMDR therapy for the past 6 months, and today we did my first Brainspotting session (my therapist […]

Narc Mind Games: Gaslighting

The more I learn about narcissism and the techniques used by narcissists, the more I understand what was happening in my own life. My Narcissist used gaslighting to the extreme, and I finally now understand why I felt so freaking confused for so long. So first, what is gaslighting? Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form […]

Narcs and Children

It was my birthday this past weekend, and I can genuinely say that I had a great birthday. My friends, co-workers and family made me feel really special and took what I feared might be a depressing event for me and made it great. You see this birthday was a tough one for me because […]