A Perfect Fit… Right From the Start!

This photo could not be more perfect. The Narcissist returned some of my items that he still had the other night and I have been sorting through all the stuff. He gave me this snow globe for some birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or other event and I pulled it out of the storage bin busted. […]

Getting Used to Starting Over

This morning, a really sweet older gentleman who I just met asked me… “are you in love?” Before my brain could even catch up with my mouth, I was nodding my head and replying “yes…” seemingly ready to spout off all of the things I was programmed to say about my amazing husband, our perfect […]

Narc Files: House Hunting

Towards the end of my marriage to the Narcissist I was desperately trying to cement our lives together in any way possible. I was eager to buy a home, settle down, make roots, have babies… anything to provide some stability and solidness to a marriage that felt like smoke sliding through my fingers… like a […]

Beware of Vultures

It never ceases to amaze me when the Universe sends me messages or reminds me of things exactly when I need them. It happened this weekend when I was missing the Narcissist and I flipped open my copy of The Alchemist and realized that the forward is the story of Narcissus. The realization that the […]