Getting Used to Starting Over

This morning, a really sweet older gentleman who I just met asked me… “are you in love?”

Before my brain could even catch up with my mouth, I was nodding my head and replying “yes…” seemingly ready to spout off all of the things I was programmed to say about my amazing husband, our perfect marriage, and how lovely being in love was.

I caught myself a few seconds in and awkwardly said… “well… I mean… I was, but I just recently got divorced…. but its okay, it’s for the best.”

The old man looked me in the eyes and said “That’s great! There is nothing worse than spending your life in a situation that isn’t right for you. You are young and smart and beautiful… go take a bite out of life.” 

Why… yes sir, I think I will!

Now if I can just get used to signing my Maiden name again…

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