Stress Relief: Martial Arts!

I have been a bit MIA from my blog for the past week as life has gone kind of haywire for me. I’m dealing with some pretty stressful stuff related to The Vulture so I have been distracted.

The only Narcissist story I have is that I reached out to him (via text only) for his help. I asked him to send me some files he had claimed to have, as they would have been very helpful for me. He immediately responded but more or less indicated that he would only help if I was not going to go after him for the money that he screwed me out of. I’m at the point with him where I am so much removed that I can actually laugh at this. It’s like even in a time of need where I was desperate enough to contact him for assistance, he had to turn the situation around to his own personal agenda. I said “thanks anyway” and haven’t had any interaction since.  This falls under the repetitive message of this blog called “DON’T BREAK NO CONTACT” that I keep failing to listen to myself… but I hope that my readers can at least learn from my mistakes!

So with all of the stress that life has been throwing my way, I have very consciously been making efforts to find ways to focus on myself and de-stress. One of the best things I have done recently is that I started a new martial arts fitness training program and I have found it to be such a huge stress release that I wanted to recommend it.

We all know that exercise in generally in extremely good for mental well-being, helping with depression, self confidence, etc… But did you know that there are certain exercises and activities that can mimic the right-left brain stimulation that you experience in EMDR therapy??

Things like running, punching, kicking, dancing and even drumming that have repetitive left/right movements can stimulate your brain in similar ways to EMDR and help you process trauma and continue your healing even outside of therapy! I do a lot of running and have always noticed that I feel like I am processing information, clearing my head, etc. while running but I never realized that the EMDR process is why! It is so interesting to understand how the brain works!

Aside from the EMDR related benefits of martial arts movements, I have found it to be such an amazing stress release:

  • It feels therapeutic as a way to release anger, I mean you can visualize anyone you want while you are punching and kicking the heck out of that bag.
  • It has been an interesting way to shift my own subconscious from feeling a bit helpless to feeling powerful and in control and which has been huge.
  • I’ve been feeling healthier, fitter and more confident as a result.
  • Feeling like I could protect myself in a situation if I needed to feels hugely empowering!
  • And then you also get all of the ‘standard’ added benefits of exercise too!

Martial Arts has been a real win-win for me and I just wanted to recommend it for anyone going through the healing process! ❤


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