Shared from Chump Lady: Dear America, You’re in an abusive relationship

flag over the Seneca lake shorelineDear America,

You’re in an abusive relationship. And I should know… I’ve been there. Like you, I was infatuated at first. Swept off my feet at his bravado and direct straight talk. He wasn’t like the other guys — he got me. Like, if I was into art museums? He was into art museums.  If I was into obscure, lugubrious singer songwriters? He was into obscure, lugubrious singer songwriters. It was so refreshing. I totally fell for it.

When I met him, I wasn’t in the best place. I had a hard job, I was a single parent, didn’t earn much money. I’d had a series of traumatic life events — a divorce, a friend’s suicide, a custody battle. Frankly, I was weary and unsure of myself and he made me feel like a winner. Where I was feeling aimless and lost, he knew exactly what he wanted — me. He held out a vision — we were going to get married and have kids and move to the country and I could go back to freelance writing. Okay, he wasn’t real clear on the specifics of how we’d manage to pull all this off, but what he lacked in specifics, he made up for in ardor. He was going to make me great again.

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YES to this for so many reasons!

It sums up the ways I feel about Trump in a way I didn’t even realize!!

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