#LoveBetter this Valentine’s Day

I can’t speak highly enough of the One Love Foundation and the content that they share online to educate about abusive relationships and how to help loved ones who are in an abusive relationship.

For Valentine’s Day this year they have launched a campaign hoping to teach people what healthy love looks like.

This is a topic that I agree with on so many levels. We teach children so many things in life but don’t spend a lot of time (if any) on what a healthy relationship should look like. Personally, my parents gave me a pretty good picture of what love looks like growing up, I am one of the lucky ones who grew up with an in-tact and healthy family around me. Yet I still wound up in unhealthy relationships as early as my Freshman year of high school. I can remember my parents seeing behaviors that they were worried about at the time and talking to me about them… but it wasn’t enough to help me really understand what was going on.

I’m so glad that there are organizations like One Love putting this content out into the world and helping others to start these conversations. It is important to know what healthy looks like and what unhealthy looks like before we make decisions to get into relationships and “fall in love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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