The Narcissist Seduced a 15-year-old

Since I posted about the anonymous letter I received, I wanted to provide my readers with the same “closure” I have found on this story.

After receiving the letter, I was obviously worried for a few reasons – worried that this could be a scheme for The Narcissist to make contact with me somehow, and if that was not the case, I was worried for the young girl mentioned in the letter. Unfortunately the letter left me with no one to contact and feeling like there was nothing I could do to stop The Narcissist (a feeling I remember all too well.)

So, to put myself at ease, I started doing my own detective work. With the help of a few very awesome people, I landed on the missing person poster attached to this post and viewable here: hoping to find Bailey Mitchka missing from Fairfax, Virginia.

I called the police number listed on this poster, and unfortunately it was a Friday evening so I was bounced around to several locations, unable to get anyone on the phone. I ended up emailing the crime stoppers tip line and left my information. Not satisfied with waiting until Monday for more information, I did some more detective work and made contact with Bailey’s family.

What I found out is heartbreaking, but not surprising at all. The Narcissist met Bailey when she was 15-years-old playing online video games (around the time that I first moved out of the house.) Over the next few years, he seduced her and brainwashed her. Her family says that she went from being a normal teenager to secluding herself from friends and family and trying to spend all of her time talking to The Narcissist. When her family intervened and took away her online gaming privileges, The Narcissist mailed her a burner phone so that she could continue to talk to him. When her family started sending her to weekly therapy appointments, she began lying to her therapist.

Eventually when The Narcissist had her brainwashed enough, he also convinced other gaming friends to help him “save” Bailey from the “horrible” situation she was living in. Bailey started telling gaming friends that her family was abusive, that they mistreated her, and that she needed to run away for her own safety.

The Narcissist and other gaming friends sent Bailey money and coordinated for other gamers to pick her up. At 17-years-old she ran away from home, two gaming friends picked her up and she moved into their home in a remote location in Texas. The Narcissist was soon there living with them as well. Bailey has not had any contact with her family since she ran away and will not even speak to her sister. She has deleted all of her former online accounts and has even changed her name to Bella.

When Monday finally rolled around, I was able to speak to the detective who worked on Bailey’s case when she ran away. He told me that they tracked Bailey to the remote location in Texas, but that the Texas police held up the interstate process, and by the time they were able to get the appropriate warrants in place, Bailey turned 18-years-old. Now she is a legal adult, making her own adult decisions, and there is apparently nothing that the police can further do to reunite her with her family. The detective also confirmed that there were never any complaints against Bailey’s family for abuse or mistreatment, and that as far as the police and child services were concerned Bailey was living in a safe and healthy environment prior to meeting The Narcissist.

I’m not going to lie, all of this information has been incredibly hard on me and I wish I never received the anonymous letter. I understand what the family was trying to do by sending it, but man this is tough.

So now, I can only hope that Bailey finds her strength and figures herself out before she wastes years under the spell of The Narcissist. I hope that she eventually realizes that The Narcissist is lying about his entire life and everything he preaches about himself. But even more so, I hope that she realizes that The Narcissist is lying about everything he says about her.

Bailey Mitchka
Bella Mitchka
Bella Swan
Bella Steele
whichever name you are using today… I hope that you find this blog, and I hope that you realize the truth.


5 thoughts on “The Narcissist Seduced a 15-year-old

  1. It’s unfortunate that you can’t keep to healthy boundaries. I know you mean well, but this was never any of your business. A learning journey, you could call it. Nothing you could say to her will make her change her mind – you are the liar, the crazy one, the con artist. You need to learn that and learn it quickly. The narcissist is dead – don’t focus on him anymore (as this really is focusing on him), or his victims, or what he does or doesn’t do. This was just an opportunity for you to step back into self-abandonment. I hope you learn that emotional energy doesn’t belong anywhere but on your own life. 🙏

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  2. You did your bit when you started this blog.. i laughed so hard when you were left running in your flip flops, chasing your ex’s car. Imso identified with that one. You have also done your best to help this young girl.

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