My family dog hated the Narcissist. I should have listened.

I saw a post on my Facebook feed the other day about how dogs are aware of people who are mean to their owners and have actually been proven to refuse treats from people that mistreated their owners. Dogs Snub People Who Are Mean to Their Owners: Study  This reminded me of the fact that my parent’s dog hated The Narcissist from the moment he met him, guess I should add that to the list of warning signs I ignored!

My parent’s had rescued a puppy while I was still living overseas with The Narcissist. When I moved back home first (without The Narcissist) and wasn’t working yet I was home most of the time with the new adorable ~ 5 month puppy. We were total buds, we went for walks, we napped on the couch together… it was perfection!

The very first night that The Narcissist flew back we decided to go for a walk and bring the dog so that they could meet each other. The Narcissist was standing in the driveway and I went into the house and got the dog on the leash for a walk. When I walked him outside and he saw The Narcissist he immediately started barking uncontrollably. I couldn’t even get him to go near The Narcissist, it was really strange behavior for this dog. I had seen him interact with contractors in the house, UPS guys, complete strangers… you name it without ever having a negative reaction…. and from first sight he HATED The Narcissist.

From that point on the “relationship” between the family dog and The Narcissist just continued to go down hill. Family dog would not listen to anything The Narcissist wanted him to do, and would actually run in the opposite direction of him when he called him. He wouldn’t even eat anything The Narcissist gave him. Eventually The Narcissist started hating the dog because the dog didn’t obey him. The Narcissist would ignore the dog and get mad at me if I paid attention to him. There were even a few occasions when we were dog/house sitting and I think out of pure spite the dog pooped all over the entire house… and one really intense situation where the dog actually bit The Narcissist. The entire thing was crazy.

This is just one of the many glaring things that I look back on and think… geesh this loser couldn’t even get a big loveable family dog to like him… what the hell did I like about him?!?!

I am pleased to say that ever since The Narcissist was removed from my life, my relationship with the family dog has improved dramatically… and I will certainly be paying attention to how he reacts to whoever I ultimately end up bringing home to meet the family! 🙂

23 thoughts on “My family dog hated the Narcissist. I should have listened.

  1. Our family dog, who was really more my husband’s dog, turned on him when he started cheating on me. She would hang with me and our kids all day long, just like normal but as soon as he entered the house she would walk away when he called her. She would even go upstairs, by herself, to get away from him and she is a needy people dog. She doesn’t like being alone so it was bizarre. She smelled someone on him and showed her disapproval. Dogs are so smart.

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  2. Animals know evil when they see it. My cat couldn’t stand my ex-narc. She would intentionally do things to annoy him…lol. His dogs preferred my company over his and have remained with me even after the divorce.

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  3. The narc brought his family dog to my house and it promptly shit in my garage (they had been on a 14 hour trip). He (and his wife) let it get cancer of the mouth and didn’t have it looked it until it was too far gone and it died. I always think of that as how negligent their relationship is and how brainwashed she must be to not take a dog to the vet.

    He couldn’t stand the attention I gave my own dog and always jokingly told me he was going to the pound. In his dreams!

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  4. I think dogs can also detect abused people. I was walking uptown one day and this girl was walking this dog. The dog came over to me and sat down and just looked up at me.
    The girl was astounded. That poor dog had been beaten, starved and abused. She said they had rescued him six months earlier and it had taken that long for him to allow her to put a leash on him. She said that dog had never walked up to anybody and would cower if somebody tried to pet him.
    I just thought “he knows I’m sad.”

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    1. laurelwolfelives, this made me tear up a bit!! I have been fostering rescue puppies since I left The Narcissist and it has been such a healing and amazing experience. I also think that they know and are such wise little souls. ❤


      1. I have a pet rat. His name is Rastus. I have always been a cat person but I didn’t want to have to deal with litter boxes and fur. I can’t let it be an outdoor cat because my neighbor has ferell cats and I’d be afraid they’d harm it.
        Rats don’t live but about two years and he’ll probably be headed up to the “big cheese” before too long. When he goes, I won’t have any more pets. 😦

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      2. Laurelwolfelives, I agree! I had a house trained bunny rabbit which was a really great pet as well. I am such a dog person though. If you arent ready or cant do a long term commitment I am sure there is a rescue organization near by looking for foster homes or volunteers to help socialize the dogs. Its a great way to spend some time, loving up on an appreciative animal!! ❤

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