The Freedom to Vote

I got in my early vote this morning. 🙂 `

Today was the first election since I met The Narcissist that I was able to vote for the candidates and questions the ways that I believed in.

I didn’t have to argue for my opinions to the point of exhaustion.

I wasn’t made to feel guilty for my rationale or reasons or thoughts.

I wasn’t tempted to fill out the ballot and then lie about it after the fact.

I didn’t have to sit through hours of ‘convincing’ conversation from The Narcissist about why his candidate was best and why I was stupid, immoral and wrong for not believing the same exact things as him.

Today I was able to be myself, walk into my town hall, vote (under my maiden name none-the-less) and walk out with my head held high.

I share a lot of the highs and the lows through this blog. I’ve talked about the big milestones and crazy little things I remember.

When I step back and really think about it… the absolute best part about being away from The Narcissist is all of the tiny little things in every single day that are examples of being 100% myself.

I guess I didn’t realize that through the process of divorcing The Narcissist I would also take on the wonderful process of falling in love with myself all over again. ❤

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